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New Era Innovations (NEI) is an independent middle-market wholesaler of dental, orthodontic, medical and assisted living consumable supplies.
New Era Innovations operates with extremely low overhead versus our market competition and we only inventory those items where we know we can be competitive to earn your business.
In short, we are a small, private, regional supply company that brings transparency to a market place in need of honest competition against monopolistic practices.
We pride ourselves on personal relationships with our clients, exceptionally high levels of customer service and insuring that quality supplies are delivered in a timely manner.
Think of us a consultancy as much as a supply business; we listen to our clients, help them think about how to reduce operating cost and increase production. Ultimately, the end result is more efficient practices with higher margins that achieve the goal of putting more profit back into our client’s pockets – where it belongs.
We want to earn your business and your respect. Given the chance, we are confident we can do both.


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NEI: Client Solutions
    • Large Scale (Non GPO) Drug, Anesthetic & Consumable Supply Buying
    • Complementary Competitor Pricing Analytics
    • Complementary Freight and Shipping Expense Consultations
    • Vendor Close Outs & Item Email Notifications
    • Over 10,000 Private Label Options
    • Fully Licensed, Bonded, Insured

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